BUY HOMEMADE, BUY LOCAL, 10th June, Beočin

This Manifestation takes  place every June in Beočin. It has been organized by LAG Fruska gora-Danube and it is a part of the Project under the same heading from the Local  Development Strategy 2020-2023. and it has been organized third year in a row.

The Manifestation includes a few different events in our area which promote the local products within Lag territory in this case it was Beočin Municipality. The producers from three Municipalities (Šid, Beočin and Bačka Palanka) as well as some from the other  LAG Ravnica Bačke come to promote their products. Both LAGs are trying to develop and improve the variety and quality of both products and services within their territories. The event which took  place in Beočin on 10th June was also done in cooperation with the Municipality of Beočin. The visitors could look around the central square and find a lot of delicious food and drink and enjoy  great atmosphere and music.