Within the 21st European Week of Regions and Cities 2023. Which was held from 9th to 12th October in Brussels, there was a workshop with the topic LEADER in Europe today where Sandra Macura from LAG Fruska Gora-Danube and Bojan Kovač from LAG Heart of Backa participated as the representatives of Network of Local Action Groups from Serbia.
The workshop was organised from the European LEADER Association ELARD at European Committee of the Regions, and the speakers were representatives of French, Spanish and Serbian LEADER Networks.

The president of ELARD and also the president of Leader France, Thibaut Guignard, director of Red Español de Desarrollo Rural (REDR), Maria Jose Murciano and the president of Network of Local Action Groups of Serbia, Bojan Kovač shared the experience their countries regarding the implementation of LEADER, they also presented examples of good practice as well as their personal opinions regarding further development of LEADER approach in Serbia.

At his talk the president of the Network of LAGs from Serbia mentioned social entrepreneurship and pointed out some examples of that kond of projects among which is also LAG FGD with its social entrepreneurship project „Made in Srem“.

The speakers also pointed out the importance of promoting social capital and entrepreneurship through rural areas through the implementation of LEADER approach. Within the debate the new questions were risen about the future of LEADER and how LEADER can help in the EU Cohesion Policy.

You can watch the workshop at this link.